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Prelude with Parting Shots

Statue of Walt and Mickey in front of the Disney World Castle

Big crowd gathered for the traditional light show on the Disney castle with fireworks. A statue of Walt Disney showing Mickey Mouse the sights of the park is in the foreground, and they both look pretty proud. See and hear the show and fireworks when you bring this image to life.

T  I  M    B  L  A  K  E    I  M  A  G  E  R  Y

Tandem Booster Landings from the Falcon Heavy Launch 3D

The first ever tandem landing of the two Falcon booster rockets was like witnessing something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie in real time. It was an astonishing accomplishment for the SpaceX Team. When asked what he learned from the Falcon Heavy launch, “Crazy things can come true,” said Elon Musk, CEO and founder of SpaceX.

T  I  M    B  L  A  K  E    I  M  A  G  E  R  Y

​​  I   M   A   G   E   R   Y      T   O      L   I   F   E

T  I  M    B  L  A  K  E    I  M  A  G  E  R  Y

Falcon Heavy Launch 3D

The stats were beyond impressive: First time for the largest rocket in production to launch, and first time for a twin booster landing. You could taste the excitement in the air for the launch, and you can feel the power of the 27 Merlin rocket engines when you bring this image to life. Remember to wear headphones.