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Friends at The Palace of Fine Arts

  • Unconditional Divine Peace8:20

   I   M   A   G   E   R   Y      TO      L   I   F   E

​See below for how to bring these photographs to life!

My vision for Imagery to Life is to take this into places with health challenged kids so that they can see and experience some scenes of nature to help take their minds off of whatever sickness they are dealing with. The idea is that kids can see more of what nature or life out there can offer and help them get inspired to better health. If you have some ideas or connections to places you have an affinity for where this could help others, I would love to hear from you. Also, for any purchases for kids in need, contact us for special pricing.

​​Welcome to Tim Blake Imagery to Life, where you can see and hear the living moment behind the picture. Imagery To Life, the book, is now available, and more on the story at


Many of these are recorded in 3D surround sound, and with headphones, you will feel like you are there to truly immerse yourself in the moment. And when you stay with the living scene, it is fun to see where it may take you. Enjoy your travels in this living world of photography. Any of these photos can be purchased along with framing options in the Imagery To Life Gallery in Galleries.


  • Silent Night3:47

There are choices of music to play with radio buttons below if you want while looking at the images here.  One music choice that normally plays on opening is Divine Peace by David Gibson as a sample of healing music he produces. To know more about his amazing work, you can go to www.soundhealingcenter.com. For the Christmas season, now playing is Silent Night by Kenny G.  You can use the play buttons below to turn off or play.

Bringing Your Images To Life

Here is the magic behind the photographs. Behind each image is a living scene from the moment these images were taken. There is a smart device app called HP Reveal (formerly Aurasma) that is used to have these images come to life. The more recent your device and operating system, the better the image recognition.

You have the option to create your own account. As of this printing, Apple devices do not require anything except access to your camera, which you will want to allow, and all else is an option. The android world has several requirements of access to your phone information in order to set up an account. When you create your own account, you then need to search for TimBlakeImagery (no spaces) to recognize the images, then click on TimBlakeImagery’s Public Auras that comes up at the top of the next screen, and click ‘follow’ on the next screen. Once following, close out the app, reopen, and then you can bring images here to life.

You also have the option to use a dedicated account with username: guestforkids, and password: picstolife if you prefer not to set up your own account. Without an account, though, always decline any option to make an aura, as any other content will not remain available. If opting to bypass the account set up, click on ‘already have an account’, and you can then put in the above user name and password.

The next screen that comes up has a dot at the bottom which you can press and then small moving dots will appear in the next screen. Hover your device over the center of the images starting higher and slowly drop lower and watch what happens just after a center larger dot appears and begins to pulse! Some images have less to recognize than others, and if weaker signal or operating system or low light, there is a flash option with the app if you have a light flash to help illuminate the image. Once you use the app to capture an image and play a live scene, the next page will ask you if you want to make an ‘aura’, and click ‘skip’. 

Headphones for listening are best, especially on the images with 3D, which are recorded in binaural surround sound, and made possible by 3Dio microphones.

Enjoy your travels here for yourself and who you share this with,


​T I M    B L A K E    I M A G E R Y  

Imagery to Life and Kids

Some history: I discovered this image recognition software at The Innovation Hanger, which was located in The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for several years. My friends Dan and Bethany Shine, who created  this great gathering place for ideas and innovation, showed me this technology one day, and what you see here are the results that stemmed from that day. While not there today, the influence of their efforts with The Innovation Hanger will carry on wherever this travels.