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H  E  L  P  I  N  G    K  I  D  S

This has been a number of years in the making, and it is finally here. Imagery To Life is a collection of Images that come to life as you can see in the Imagery To Life tab. Each of the photos is paired with an inspiring quote. The book is initially intended for health challenged kids, but also the spirit in kids in all of us young and old that appreciate an opportunity to connect with not only the visual, but also the sounds and live action from the photo brought to life with the magic of technology. The book is now for sale, together with a contributing sponsor program to help this get into many places in need.​ More can be found on this  at the Tim Blake Imagery Book link below.

I  M  A  G  E  R  Y    T  O    L  I  F  E ,   T  H  E    B  O  O  K